Mailchimp 101 – Subscriber Forms (Creating One)

Subscriber Forms (Creating One)

  1. Navigate to the Lists page.
  2. Click on the list drop down menu and select Signup forms.

Select Signup forms


    1. Click the Select button under the General forms option.

Select Link to a form

  1. Make sure you’re on the build it tab and select Signup form from the forms and response emails drop down menu.

All forms start out with three default fields: Email Address, First Name, and Last Name. To add extra fields choose a field type from the add a field tab on the right side of the page.

Add A Field options

Choose a field type from among the choices on the add a field tab and your field settings will appear on the right. Set your preferences for the field and click the Save Field button. We offer the following field options:

  • Text
    General words and plain text, good for general questions.
  • Number
    Any number, such as age or an ID #. When segmenting, you can segment based on “greater than” or “less than” a specified number. Not recommended for zip codes.
  • Radio Buttons
    Allows your subscribers to choose only one of a predefined set of options. We provide presets for gender, age, country, U.S. State and days of the week.
  • Check Boxes
    Use the check boxes field if you want to quickly add Groups for segmenting to your signup form and list.
  • Drop Down
    Use the drop down field if you want subscribers to choose from a predefined selection of options.
  • Date
    Allows subscribers to specify a date, including month, day and year. You can select the formatting (U.S. or international) for validation of the date entered. This field can be used to trigger autoresponders.
  • Birthday
    This date field doesn’t require a value for year and you can choose from a Month/Day format or a Day/Month format.
  • Address
    Collects a full address, including country, in one field. If you have each line of the address in separate fields for a list you’re importing, use a text field instead. 
  • Zip Code
    Collect your subscribers’ zip codes to segment by zip code or a radius around a zip code if you don’t want to use an address field. The zip code field only supports 5-digit zip codes and no letters. If you have a lot of international subscribers, consider an address field or use a text field to collect just postal codes.
  • Phone
    Allows subscribers to provide a ten digit phone number. When importing phone numbers to your list, use the format 555-555-5555, with no spaces, parentheses or dots. If you have international subscribers, phone numbers in a different format, or need to store phone numbers of a different length, you’ll want to use a text field instead of the phone number field.
  • Website
    Have your recipients provide a full URL for a website. This can be used to personalize campaigns and will output HTML code for a link (including the <a> tag). If you prefer to customize the link, then use a “text” field, since the website field type can’t be used inside an href attribute without errors.
  • Image
    Have your recipients provide a URL in the signup form that displays their own image, avatar, key, etc.

If you change your mind and don’t want to add the field, just click Delete under thefield settings tab. You can also select the field on the form itself and click the minusicon below the field to remove it.

Deleting a form field also deletes all info in your list associated with it. Make sure that this is what you really want to do before deleting. If you want to keep the field in your list but not make it visible to your subscribers, you can hide a field on your signup form.

Each form is unique to the list it is tied to. Copying a form design from one list to a new list is easily done by using the replicate link in the List page.