Wordpress 101 - Creating New Posts

Creating posts is easy. There are 3 places we can select New Post in WordPress. We can use the +New option at the top of the WordPress dashboard The Add New option from the Posts […]

Wordpress 101 - Creating Text

WordPress is a simple Content Management System. The first thing we need to do is complete the title text box. We can then complete our abstract in the text area. […]

Wordpress 101 - HTML

There are some things that may require us to employ a bit of HTML. We do this by going into the Text tab. From here we can amend or write […]

Wordpress 101 - Feeds

Feeds are simple in WordPress.  Take the root URL of a page or posts by category and in the address bar add /feed/ to the end of the address e.g. […]

Subscriber Forms (Creating One) Navigate to the Lists page. Click on the list drop down menu and select Signup forms.   Click the Select button under the General forms option. Make sure you’re on the build it tab and […]

Create an RSS-Driven campaign with the Email Designer Navigate to the Campaigns page in your account. Click the drop down menu next to the Create Campaign button and select RSS-Driven Campaign. On the RSS Feed step, enter […]