MailChimp 101 – Using Segments to Send a Campaign

Send to a new segment

  1. Navigate to the Recipients step of the Campaign Builder.
  2. Click the name of the list you want to send to and choose the Send to a segmentoption to expand the available segmenting options.Send To Segment
  3. In the first drop down menu, select any to include subscribers that match any of the segmenting criteria you set up, and select all to pull in only those subscribers that match each of the segmenting criteria.
  4. Set your segmenting criteria using the drop down boxes and text fields.
  5. Click Add Condition to add more than one segment. You can use up to five different segmenting options for each campaign.
  6. Once you’ve set your segmenting criteria click the right arrow on the navigation bar or the orange Next Step: Setup button to set your segment and move on to the next step of the Campaign Builder.